We can all use some renewed energy right? After nine weeks of complete lockdown in Andalucía, I really needed a reset. So I treated myself on a facial treatment at Kiri Beauty in Alhaurín el Grande. Its beautician Joanne Wyatt became a dear friend of mine two years ago. We both moved from Holland with our Tukker husbands to this area of Spain almost at the same time.

Joanne is originally from the UK and had a wellness salon at her house in Haarlem. She had lived in Holland for 11 years with her Dutch husband Patrick before moving to Spain. Whenever we meet she prefers we speak Dutch to keep her Dutch language skills alive. But I often forget to do so. The truth is my English has improved a lot since we moved to Andalucía. And so before you know it, I write this blogpost in English.

So on a sunny Tuesday morning I drove to her salon Kiri Beauty. It is located on the premises of Casa Kiri (two quiet holiday apartments) in Alhaurín el Grande. The salon is a hidden gem for a rejuvenating facial treatment or a relaxation massage. Its interior is light and soft. The whole space has a calming and tranquil effect on you when you walk through the light blue door.

Joanne uses organic skincare products with the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda strives to keep the body in balance by harmonising the five elements of fire, water, air, earth and ether. Massage, treatments, herbs, essential oils and music, all have an influence on these five elements.

Once you lay down on the sofa with soft bells clinging in the background, relaxation kicks in. I could lay there forever.

Kiri Beauty salon
Kiri Beauty salon in Alhaurin el Grande

Why Kiri?

Joanne wanted a name that had a personal meaning to her. New Zealand has a very special place in her heart. It was where she met her husband. So she chose a name related to New Zealand. Where her journey started.

Kiri is a Maori word meaning ‘skin’ and ‘person’ or ‘self’. This word means everything that she wants it to represent. In our busy lives, we very rarely take time for ourselves. Me time is so important and highly underestimated. Taking care of yourself should be priority, so you have the energy to help and give to others.

So there is always a reason to book a treatment at Kiri Beauty. That reason is you ;).

Curious about what Joanne can do for you? Visit Kiri Beauty´s website and book your treatment or massage.

Martin at Kiri Beauty
The sofa, Joanne and gata Martin to boost your energy at Kiri Beauty

Energy coconut balls

After a wonderful facial treatment I slowly came back to the world of the living. Joanne presented me a cup of herbal tea and a little coconut ball. The crunchy grated coconut on the outside and the chocolate soft sweetness on the inside are a divine combination. I asked her for the recipe to share with you.

She said it is a very easy recipe. And it is true. Kind kan de was doen. Make sure you buy the healthiest organic ingredients you can find. Make more balls if you fancy, they keep fresh in the fridge for about a week. You can freeze them too for three months. But I am sure they will be finished by then.

Ingredients (about 16 balls)

1 cup or about 10 pitted dates (Medjool are best*)
1 or 2 tbs of cacao (depending on how chocolaty you want them)
10 walnut halves or a cup of other nuts
1/2 tbs of chia seeds
2 tbs of coconut oil
1 – 3 tbs of grated coconut

optional: cinnamon, speculaaskruiden, cardamom powder, pumpkinseeds, soaked sultanas, soaked dried apricots, anything you like…

* If you are not using the soft Medjool dates but harder dates, make sure they are not coated with sunflower oil. Before you use them, it is best to soak in water first so that they soften.

Making the energy balls

Mix all ingredients in food processor. If it is too dry add a little water. If it seems too wet add some more cacao or nuts. Make into balls with wet hands and roll in grated coconut.

Eat one, because you are worth it :). And refrigerate the rest for a couple of hours before serving.

Keep in fridge for up to one week or freeze for up to three months.

Ruud gets a Kiri coconut ball
Ruud takes a Kiri coconut energy ball

Enjoy your renewed energy and don´t forget to treat yourself.