rijk gevulde mueslibolletjes ready

Welcome to my weblog, I will introduce myself to you. My name is Marije Pelgrum Berghuis and I currently live in La Alqueria near Malaga (Andalucia, Spain) with my husband Ruud and two gatos Gerrit & Zorro.

The very first memory of my childhood is the smell of fresh gingerbread cookies (speculaas). They were baked at the Reedijk bakery in Zuidland, less than 200 meters from the house where we lived. As a 3-year-old girl, I was allowed to eat the leftovers from the dough. And I still have a softspot for ginger bread recipes. Freshly baked slice of sourdough bread, a little bit of plant based butter and topped with two gingerbread cookies … it couldn’t be better.

During my student days in Groningen I was obese and had to loose 25 kilos. I started cooking healthier meals with the help of Jamie Olivers cookbooks. Because of his enthusiasm, easy and pure recipes, I started to cook with fresh ingredients and with more consciousness. Nowadays, 25 years later, there are no pre packed foods in our Andalusian kitchen and I make (almost) everything from scratch.

Marije and the other girls of Tony´s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely… me with the chocolate M

Tony’s Chocolonely & BROOD

In Amsterdam I worked at Tony’s Chocolonely for 7 years. Their aim is make chocolate 100% slave free. The fair chocolate is not only delicious, it makes the world for cacao farmers a little better too. I freelanced as finance manager and producer at many Dutch TV production companies. So all together I have produced television programs, documentaries and corporate films for more than 15 years. I specialized in food or food related television series and documentaties. Among those a television program about the art of bread baking in Europe (BROOD) with master patissier and boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven (more on my Linked-IN).

Marije contributed to a series with master boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven

master boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven in Öland, picture Samie Reynaerts

Since that bread series Marije has been infected with the bread baking virus. That is not completely out of the blue, it is as a logical step on the culinary path of Marije´s Kitchen.

On this website I collect all the information that I have found about the wonderful process of baking bread. I report on my failures and successes and the people I meet on my bread trip.

Enjoy reading and baking!

Warm greetings Marije.